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By way of an introduction…

I am an academic, and I have been so for over 20 years, with a particular interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, economic and social development. That is how I am identified today. But the shaping of this identity has been influenced by many others, stretching from experiences of training in the private sector and work in the public sector (local government), and by the time spent forming and running two small ventures.


To be understood simply by my work is rather limiting. My lived experience has been hugely influenced by first where I was born and where I grew up, indefinable India, second, where I have lived and worked most of my life now, the United Kingdom (still the UK!), and finally the luck that I have had travelling especially across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, drawing on the lived experience of work and pleasure. People -- their faces, smiles, concerns, questioning and partnerships, the kindness of fleeting strangers, the warmth of those who have stood with me, and the gratuitous distances that some have courted – are the substance of any meaning in my life.


My Key Words

Rhythm, Texture, Image * Words, Phrases, Meaning * Creativity, Imagination, Interpretation * Questions, Thought, Enquiry * Touch, Feel, Embrace

Latest Developments

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies’.

(July 2020) The Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies (JEIEE) is owned by SAGE and published in association with the International Entrepreneurship Forum.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development

(2020) ‘Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development’ (2nd edition)(Abingdon, Routledge)- Ist ed. Published in 2012

The Wider Impact of Digitalization on SMEs

(2019). The Wider Impact of Digitalization on SMEs. 15th INSME. Annual Meeting Fintech & Logistics, International Network for SMEs (INSME), Naples, Italy, 6-7 June, 2019

EURegionsWeek UNIVERSITY session

(2019) EURegionsWeek UNIVERSITY session: Citizen Entrepreneurship: Towards involvement, inclusion and integration of citizens in entrepreneurial Europe Wed 9, October 2019

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in India

(2020) ‘An Overview of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in India: Crisis or Opportunity? (ed) Springer Series on ‘Entrepreneurship and Development in South Asia: Longitudinal Narratives’

Price Valuation

Evaluating Valuations for Start-Ups and Early Stage Growth, 2 day management development programme for Portugal Ventures, Porto, Portugal. 20-21 February, 2020

Transnational and Migrant Entrepreneurs

(2020). Transnational and Migrant Entrepreneurs. Editorial for Special Issue of Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies, January (with S, Pruthi)